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Pregnancy & Pediatric Care

have you met us? we LOVE bellies & babies!

Do you remember your birth? I bet your parents do! You entered this life after squeezing through a narrow canal, possibly with the help of obstetrical manipulation, guiding and pulling you out as gently as possible.


Unfortunately, the birthing process is not gentle and nice all of the time. If you have this perfect image in your head that it is basically a human ‘slip and slide’, think again.


Birth can place mechanical stress on both baby and mom!


Pregnancy and birth greatly affects the structure and function of a mother’s and baby's body and musculoskeletal and nervous system. 

In pregnant women, this may result in muscle and joint pain, pelvic dysfunction, core instability, diastasis recti, headaches, postural breastfeeding problems, etc.

In babies, these dysfunctions may lead to muscle and joint discomfort (often seen when placed in a firm structure such as a car seat), latch/breastfeeding (TMJ) issues, etc.


The key is to correct dysfunction before it manifests as something more troublesome.


Pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care includes:

• correction of lumbar and pelvic dysfunction  (Webster Technique)

• decreasing pelvic and pubic muscular tension and pain

• improving function and structure of uterine and pelvic ligaments

• removing extra stress on pelvic structures and entire body

• pelvic support with use of pregnancy-specific kensiology taping methods

• diaphragmatic breathing training to reduce pressure on low back and pelvis and to stabilize the core

• exercises to support healthy muscles and joints during pregnancy

• safe core and abdomen strengthening to prevent diastasis recti complications

• adjustments and trigger point therapy to decrease birth-related aches and pains (low back, pelvis, cranium, feet)

• spinal check and care for mom and baby following birth

• pelvic and core rehabilitation for mom postpartum

Pregnancy and pediatric massage therapy includes:

• decreasing muscular tension, discomfort, and strain

• improving function of fascia and scar tissue

• improving circulation and lymph flow

• mobilization of soft tissue to promote optimal fetal positioning

• treatment of special areas:

             - breast treatment (mastitis, breast augmentation scar tissue, lactation problems)

             - cesarean scar treatment

             - rib treatment (got a baby head jammed up under those ribs??)

             - extremity treatment (pregnancy related carpal tunnel syndrome, calf cramps)

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