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The Problem:
- Runners tend to experience a multitude of injuries including:
These injuries are a consequence of:
Transitioning from common running form to good running form
2 Keys 
1. Posture
2. Cadence 
By starting with these two things, it sets up your body to be able to lean properly and will encourage the foot coming down in a proper position. 
Running Tips:

*Run barefoot indoors or outside for 20 meters right before you start your run.



*March in place prior to your run with your ankles flexed, landing on the midfoot to help reinforce proper foot strike.



*Reset your posture throughout your run and also throughout the day.



*Practice one new skill at a time. Try cadence first. Don’t try to put all the new skills you’ve learned into practice all at once.



*Go to to find music to set your cadence to.



*Listen to your footsteps and try to reduce the sound of contact with the ground. This will help you run “light.”



*Video yourself (maybe on a treadmill) or come in to MRWC and have your running video analyzed. Seeing yourself is the best way to learn.



*Do strength building exercises to help keep your feet and therefore your whole body healthy.

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