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Selah Clark

Selah was born and raised in Langley by a family that chose a natural approach to healthcare. She experienced the benefits of massage therapy from a young age, which helped Selah overcome chronic pain and stress. It was very natural that Selah chose this career as a way to help people in similar ways that she had been helped through her recovery. 

Her deep interest in anatomy and fascination with how the body works led her to the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, where she graduated from December 2016. Throughout the program, her excitement and passion for the human body grew even deeper. Selah has hands on clinical experience where she has successfully treated pathologies such as plantar fasciitis, thoracic outlet syndrome and carpal tunnel, sciatica, and postural dysfunction. She is proficient in all modalities performed in massage therapy but her favourites are fascial manipulations and active stretching. Whether you are looking for treatment of an acute injury, chronic pain or just need to relax, Selah is able to provide a customized treatment for your needs. 

After graduation she has continued her education by learning of different ways other than manual manipulation to continue after the treatment is over. She discovered facial and postural taping courses to continue to give patient the support they need after leaving the treatment room. She looks forward to educating herself on pre and post natal care in the coming year. 

While Selah is not massaging she loves all things outdoors, especially the summer going to the beach, bbqs, boccee games at the park and most of all camping. Most camping trips evolve hiking, fishing, and general outdoor shinanigans. 


Registered Massage Therapists Association of British Columbia

College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia


Registered Massage Therapist  (WCCMT)

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