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Dr. Spencer Smith

Dr. Spencer grew up in Maple Ridge British Columbia. He received his Bachelor of science in human biology and Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Spencer was introduced to Chiropractic during his time in high school when he suffered an injury that left him unable to move or breathe normally. After multiple days of being bedridden, he was treated by an evidence-based chiropractor. Treatment and an extensive rehabilitation plan was implemented in his care and within a couple of months Dr. Spencer was back to being functional. A seed was planted in his head at this point and during his time in University that seed sprouted into a dream. Years later that dream became a reality and now Dr. Spencer seeks to help others in need like he once was.

Dr. Spencer is a strong advocate of an evidence-based approach to health care and collaboration with multiple disciplines to ensure the best care for his patients. He believes that every patient should be an active part in their own treatment and rehabilitation and that being proactive when it comes to health is better than being reactive.

In his spare time, Dr. Spencer enjoys spending time with his friends, various activities with his dog, weightlifting, and gaming.

Canadian Chiropractic Association
College of Chiropractors of British Columbia
British Columbia Chiropractic Association

Doctor of Chiropractic (University of Western States)
Bachelor of Science - Human Biology (University of Western States)
Standard First Aid/CPR-C

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