Could You Benefit from Massage Therapy?

Who can benefit from massage therapy? Anyone who has muscles. That’s right, that means everyone can benefit from massage therapy! Massage therapy uses manual techniques to manipulate and treat soft tissues of the body in order to decrease muscle tension and pain and improve overall function to optimize health and decrease risk of future injury. Massage therapy is fantastic for anyone experiencing muscle pain, postural pain, muscle tension from prolonged deskwork, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, pregnancy related muscle pain, rehabilitation, and much more. Massage therapy compliments chiropractic care wonderfully. Our RMT, Zsolt, is an excellent manual therapist and a master of h

Rotator Cuff WHAT?

Uh-oh! Not a rotator cuff tear!! The rotator cuff, or muscles around the shoulder, is made up of 4 specific muscles: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor. Unfortunately, these muscles are easily damaged and sometimes tear. Populations most vulnerable to these types of injuries include those involved in a lot of over-head motion and contact sport athletes. It could happen to anyone though! But how? Most rotator cuff tears are a result of poor shoulder stabilization and mechanics. With poor posture being a major player, the shoulders roll forward and you start to take on the ‘cave-man appearance’. This puts extra stress on the soft tissues around the shoulders and force

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