You treat more than just backs!?

During our CPR re-certification, a student expressed that he had hurt his wrist and was unable to perform proper chest compressions. We offered to take a look at his wrist and he appeared quite confused. He was unaware that chiropractors could treat wrists. “All chiropractors do is crack your back!” What? No. Let us take a moment to clarify what a chiropractor is and their role in your health! Chiropractors are doctors that assess, diagnose, and treat disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal sytem. Neuro-musculo-what!? Your nerves, bones, joints, muscles, and all other tissues that are connected. Is the spine the only place in your body with bones, nerves, joints, and muscles? No way! Chiroprac

Welcome to Maple Ridge Wellness Centre!

We are so happy that you have found your way here. It has been a long summer here at MRWC. The length of our to-do list could tire out any long-distance runner! But we are getting there! This summer has been filled with meetings, clinic design and construction, late nights, early mornings, team gatherings, and a lot of coffee runs. Construction has been going very well. After finally receiving our building permit from City Hall (yippee!), we have been able to build our rehabilitation gym in the clinic. We will be painting, installing the wall mirror, and moving in equipment soon. It is going to be awesome and we are all so excited to get in there and start training. We have finally received

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