Body-Breaking Parent Moves & How To Fix Them Part 4: LIFTING BABY FROM CRIB

Do you bend from your back and not from your hips? Well check yourself before you wreck yourself and stop it already! If you do not clearly understand what bending your low back under load does to your intervertebral discs and spine, read this right now. You were given a beautiful set of hips for one major reason, Mobility! Get your hip hinge and booty pop on. Don’t: Bend with your back, flexing/rounding your spine Lift baby with arms extended from your body Stand far away from the crib Stand beside the crib with your back twisted Think about it, how many times are you going to lift your baby out of and put your baby back into their crib or bed during their childhood? Yikes! These rules appl

Body-Breaking Parent Moves & How To Fix Them Part 3: CHANGING DIAPERS

Do you do the ankle grab and pull? Don't worry, you are not alone when it comes to using this maneuver to get that smelly mess out of there quickly! However, did you know that the ankle maneuver places a lot of stress at the thoracolumbar junction of your child's spine? This is the part of the spine that acts as the hinge point during diaper changes. Just think of it! How many times does an infant have their diaper changed in early life and childhood? Hello repetitive stress injury!!! Ouch! Pulling the ankles up also tractions the hip joints which should be avoided due to complications such as hip dysplasia and hip dislocation. You also have to protect your own body. This is hard work for yo

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