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Body-Breaking Parent Moves & How To Fix Them Part 2: BABYWEARING

On-the-go baby cuddles! Who would say no to that!?

Did you read part 1 about carrying your baby? If not, click here.

If you did, continue ahead!


  • Carry baby in car seat

  • Hunch forward, rounding the shoulders

  • Flex your body at your hips

  • Hold baby on your hip

  • Keep baby's spine rigid or too straight


  • Wear your baby close to your body with a good wrap or baby carrier

  • Make sure baby is in the spread squat position or M-position with thighs spread around mom and hips bent with knees slightly higher than buttocks

  • Keep baby's spine in a soft "J" shape until they begin to develop the natural spinal curves (sit, crawl, stand)

  • Avoid prolonged swaddling of baby

  • Encourage child to crawl and walk when appropriate

Did you know that cultures where baby wearing is common have a low frequency of hip dysplasia/dislocation compared to high frequencies in cultures where swaddling is utilized more often? When the hip joint is held in 40-55 degrees of abduction and 90-110 of flexion, the head of the femur is able to sit evenly in the center of the hip socket, allowing for a stable and mobile hip joint and reducing the risk of hip dysplasia or dislocation. Check out the picture below!

(image from

Stay tuned to part 3 where we discuss how to properly change your baby's diaper!

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