Body-Breaking Parent Moves & How To Fix Them Part 2: BABYWEARING

On-the-go baby cuddles! Who would say no to that!? Did you read part 1 about carrying your baby? If not, click here. If you did, continue ahead! Don’t: Carry baby in car seat Hunch forward, rounding the shoulders Flex your body at your hips Hold baby on your hip Keep baby's spine rigid or too straight Do: Wear your baby close to your body with a good wrap or baby carrier Make sure baby is in the spread squat position or M-position with thighs spread around mom and hips bent with knees slightly higher than buttocks Keep baby's spine in a soft "J" shape until they begin to develop the natural spinal curves (sit, crawl, stand) Avoid prolonged swaddling of baby Encourage child to crawl and walk

Body-Breaking Parent Moves & How To Fix Them Part 1: CARRYING BABY IN CAR SEAT

Yes, it is convenient... Baby in the car seat, carried out of the car, plunked into the grocery cart, placed on the bench in a change room, back in the car. Poor static baby! This is exactly like sitting at a desk all day! Your poor baby is too young for a desk job! Not to mention all the strain you are putting on your body. Here are some tips! Don’t: Carry your child in the car seat all of the time Carry car seat on one side of your body Carry car seat with elbow bent like a purse Bend pelvis asymmetrically to distribute car seat weight Think about it, would you walk around all day carrying a 20lb bag of flour with one arm on one side of your body? Don’t think so! These rules apply for carr

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