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Kinesio Tape - Pretty & Practical!

Kinesio tape is a form of athletic therapy tape utilized in the treatment of injury, poor posture, and poor proprioception.

Kinesio tape functions by:

- reducing pain

- reducing inflammation

- reducing swelling

- reducing muscular strain on joints

- helping with postural control

- increasing proprioception

- providing extra support to joints and muscles

Kineiso tape may be helpful for the following:

- postural related headaches and migraines

- postural related neck, middle, and lower back pain

- pregnancy related low back, pelvic, and pubic pain

- chronic ankle sprains

- chronic rotator cuff tears/dysfunction

- repetitive poor movement patterns leading to dysfunction

- repetitive strain injuries

- and much more!

Ask one of our chiropractors how kinesio tape could benefit you today! 604-479-0800

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