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Body-Breaking Parent Moves & How To Fix Them Part 3: CHANGING DIAPERS

Do you do the ankle grab and pull? Don't worry, you are not alone when it comes to using this maneuver to get that smelly mess out of there quickly!

However, did you know that the ankle maneuver places a lot of stress at the thoracolumbar junction of your child's spine? This is the part of the spine that acts as the hinge point during diaper changes. Just think of it! How many times does an infant have their diaper changed in early life and childhood? Hello repetitive stress injury!!! Ouch!

Pulling the ankles up also tractions the hip joints which should be avoided due to complications such as

hip dysplasia and hip dislocation.

You also have to protect your own body. This is hard work for you too! Repetitive bending with your back, not your hips, will damage your back and may lead to muscular strain, joint dysfunction, disc bulge, and disc herniation.

Below are some tips on how to avoid making a bigger mess of an already messy situation.


  • Use a low-set changing table

  • Bend to reach the changing table by rounding or flexing your low back

  • Stand far away from the table (no matter how smelly the situation is)

  • Twist to reach the garbage or baby wipes/new diaper

  • Use the ankle grab and pull, hinging your baby's spine and pulling on their hips


  • Set your changing table at the proper height (just below your elbows)

  • Bend with your hips

  • Stand close to the changing table

  • Stand square to the changing table to avoid twisting your back

  • Place your foot on a stool if you have one-sided leg pain to reduce tension on that leg

  • Get everything you need for a diaper change ready before you change the diaper

Stay tuned to part 3 where we discuss how to properly lift your baby!

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